The Missing Knight of Swords: A damn near perfect metaphor.



Today, thanks to a very kind reader, I found out that a card is missing from my book, Love Tarot for Beginners. It is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me by a long shot, and in a few days the updated manuscript will be ready to go for printing and downloading, and all will be well. (I will include the missing excerpt below!)

(Edit: Paperback now updated! All new purchases will have our missing Knight. Kindle to follow shortly.)

My first thought was OF COURSE IT WAS THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS…..That’s…so perfect.


Here he is:



Unpredictable and wild young man. Information given in a tactless manner.


Oh look, it’s Danger Boy. Sigh. Handsome and charming and devil-may-care, here is the one that will sweep you off your feet and then drop you as soon as you start to get used to all the heady deliciousness of it all.

The sexy, but emotionally distant man that you want to “win”, because he is a challenge? This guy.

The man who gets recruited for the CIA? This guy.

Is that a promise? No. There are exceptions to this. Sometimes the Knight of Swords means there is a smart, intense, and sexy guy is in your life, and he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Can you match that energy? Then he might be your guy, and you two can be the intense couple in all black that hangs out in the corner at parties and wonders how long they have to make small talk before they can go home.

Otherwise, you might find him a bit…frosty, if great in the sack.


WHOOSH. What just happened? Did you get swept up in something that feels out of your control? Hold on to your knickers. Things might be getting very exciting, very soon.


That’s right. The Knight of Swords is portrayed as exciting and upbeat and unpredictable and tactless, but really, what it boils down to is this: The Knight of Swords is a fuckboi. OF COURSE he went missing from my book.

That’s simply too much of a commitment.






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