ivory gypsy

Well. I do a lot of things for a living. I write books. I design pretty and rather romantic clothing and jewelry and sell it here, and I give Tarot readings, for both individuals and groups (as in, you can hire me for your super spiffy party, if you are in the Austin, Texas area… contact me here.) Or, you can quite literally check out a reading from my Tarot shop, Enlightened Tarot, and you can be sent a recording of your reading, or schedule a phone reading.

So why would you want to get a reading from a stranger? How do you know I am not just full of it? Well, as a reader of some 30+ years experience, as well as an author of a love based Tarot book, I have a pretty decent skill set in this arena…but hey, read on..and decide for yourself. I hope to continue to explore the subjects of Tarot and Love a lot on this blog, so let’s get started!