Scheduling a Reading

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I am available for phone readings in the US, and if you have a Skype account (free and easy to set up), I am able to do Skype video readings all over the world. If you would like to schedule a phone or Skype reading, please contact me HERE.

I am available for one on one readings, as well as for groups at an hourly rate. I even do parties, if you can provide a quiet room for me to attempt to dazzle your guests.

You can contact me here to book me for a party or group (in the Austin, Texas area.)

I am currently looking for the perfect setting for private, one on one readings, but until I have that just right spot, I also offer readings on line directly from my shop, Enlightened Tarot, where you can recorded readings made just for you for a specific question, which you can listen as many times as you like.

I might specialize in love readings, but I am a reader of some thirty years experience, and can read on any subject. I am ethical, compassionate, deeply empathetic, and will never tell you that you have demons I need to remove from you for a fee. I have no neon sign. This is gentle, warm counseling, or fun encouragement, or thoughtful listening….but I promise that you will feel heard, cared for, and hopeful. Always.


Please feel free to be in touch.